Illphonics at The Pageant

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We are completely ecstatic to tell you that the Illphonics will have the
distinct pleasure of playing at the Pageant this Saturday night at
8:00 P.M!! It is a Battle of the Bands—the same one as last year,
as a matter of fact—so we’ll need your support in order to get to
the final round once again.

You can get free tickets to this event if you are 21 or older. Just
send us ( a message back with the number of tickets you want.

We will be going up against Midwest Avengers, Rhyme or Reason, and the
Dusty Brothers.

My first time playing on the Pageant stage was one of the most
exciting experiences of my life, so I’d love it if you were able to
come out and make this second time even greater!!

The Pageant is located east of Skinker, in the Delmar Loop.

Thanks for reading!!



P.S. We will have our album, Illphonics present SOUND, for sale at the
show, and you can still get it online at iTunes, Amazon, Napster, etc.

REMEMBER: if you’ve stated you are attending on the invite you are already on the list. If not, please give us your name as well as the number of tickets you’ll need.

Do Yo Happy Dance

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We made it to The Pageant baby!

The Gramophone was packed last Friday with music lovers who came ready to rock out. RFT’s best new band The Northwoods started the night off and really got the crowd going. They had funky percussion paired with beatbox and their guitars. If you can’t put that together in your mind than you should really go and see them. They were damn funky! Spark1duh? gave us some of his lyrical genius and the Chalk Boyz performed songs off their new mixtape, “Chalk Dirty to Me”

Altogether it was a fun night. DJ Spec, Midwest Avengers, DJ Who, IllSpitta and many more were there to rock out!

More details about the battle at The Pageant to come soon.

We’re Holding Your Place

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Its time again my people for the Tasty Band Competition. We are so excited for Friday. This will be our second year in the competition and we are so pleased to a part. Last year we made it all the way to the Taste of St. Louis for the final round with Madahoochi. It was a blast!

The competition comes at an awesome time too. We’ve been changing up and working on our show productions like crazy. You guys know we just have to experiment with everything we do so the Gramophone and Pageant (should you come and cast your vote!) are going to be super exciting.

Also, The Pageant competition marks the one year anniversary of our very long necked guitarist Tim Edwards. No serious, look at his neck. Tim you’ve been a blast man. We’re glad to have you around. Happy anniversary dude. Stick around, more great to come!

So with that said, be sure to bring your bodies out to the battle this year. The winner at the Gramophone this year will pioneer on to the Pageant. From the Pageant the final contestants will head down to the Taste of St. Louis for the final round and to open for a national recording artist.

The Gramophone
4243 Manchester, 63110
8pm, 21+, $5 to enter

The Northwoods (
Spark1duh? (
Illphonics (

Live music is where its at and we aim to keep it alive!

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

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Illphonics is at it again. We just can’t sit still. What fun is that? Today we are pleased to bring to you Fallout Flows With the Fource Mix(tape).
That’s right, we do more than just give great shows. We are a great damn production company.

July’s project is Illphonics’ own Fallout Flows With the Fource Mix(tape)

Download here:

Fallout steps outside the boundery of the band and stretches his legs in this 8 track re-introduction of himself. With some flexibility and eagerness Fallout’s Mix(tape) is a gentle reminder of his freestyle roots that reach back to his freshmen year of highschool at University City. “It was all about the senior cafeteria.”, Fallout smirks as he reminisces about his beginnings in rap.

Fallout Flows with the Fource is also a leg stretcher for Illphonics guitarist Kevin Koehler and Keith Moore. Moore’s beat production company, Black Lion Beats furnished a few tracks while Koehler engineered the entire project.

N: First, how did your mixtape cover come about?
L: its just a representation of my quirkiness. I’m smart but I don’t take the world to seriously, ya know. I know gravity effects me but its kinda like eh…
N: What was the goal of Fallout Flows With the Fource Mix(tape)?
L: I feel like there is many different aspects to me as a person. There’s complexity, vagueness, ah-ha moments and sometimes stupidity. And with the mixtapes I want people to get a chance to see the human aspect of the emcee. I feel like its taboo in rap to be yourself. That’s why the music suffers.
N: What was the funnest part of this project for you?
L: Actually getting a change to work one on one with Kevin. We always planned on doing it but it actually taking place was great.
N: This being your personal project and doing none like it, were you nervous or did you have reservations about its reception?
L: Always! I will always have reservations because I always feel like I can make something better. I always want my next project to be better than the last. That should be the goal of every artist. I’m just obsessive as heel about myself.
N: In three words, describe your mixtape.
L: different. honest. enjoyable.
N: Do you have a favorite track? Why?
L: Though I love them all it would have to be Ventil8. It was fun. That songs very reminiscent of the freestyles I use to do. A little trash talking and flexing, ya know. Plus, I live Anita Baker. I hope she calls me to say she loves the sample. ha ha ha ha
N: Whats next?
L: Writing new material for Illphonics and growing our fan base. We want to have fun. We’re creating fun.

I’d have to say, Fallout created some fun with this mixtape. He reminded most of us that he is human, educated, and everlasting. My personal fav happens to be his, Ventil8.

Judge for yourself though and let Illphonics know. Download here:

Cheers for now!

“SOUND” at Vintage Vinyl

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Its here folks! Our new album “SOUND” is ready for release. We’ll be at Vintage Vinyl March 20 at 6pm.

We want to see you there. So come out. Bring ya friends and come here a few of the new tracks at Vintage Vinyl.

See you there!!!

Illphonics at Washington University’s Gargoyle TONIGHT!

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Hey You,

Don’​t forge​t tonig​ht.​ Come get your dose of Illph​onics​ at the Gargo​yle.​
Hoste​d by the good peopl​e of KWUR;​ DRS+​Diatr​ibe,​ Live DJ Battl​e and Illph​onics​ come toget​her under​ one roof to blow the top off.

All ages.​


The Gargoyle
6364 Forsyth

Illphonics Loves Democracy

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On this day we all celebrate.

WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT that is ready and dedicating his all to the difficult task of rebuilding OUR American Dream.

We just wanted to say; There is no greater day then the day we decide to put our selves aside and work together toward a common goal.

Our prayers and congratulations to President Barack Obama and his family.


*Supporting local music because local music supports us*