All About Ill

During a recording of a Hip Hop Band in Multi-tracking class, Tom, a devoted guitarist leaned over and said to Larry, “I can do that, but better,” Larry agreed. That comment alone sparked the fire in these talented musicians who are now known as Illphonics. Illphonics has a total of six talented members: Larry Morris, Thomas Carpenter, Kevin Koehler, Keith Moore, Simon Chervitz and Chaz Brew. Formerly known as “Fallout and Friends,” the band has a unique and exclusive sound influenced by an eclectic range of artists varying from Pink Floyd to Ludacris and from The Weather Report to Dwele. The members, as a group and with other bands collectively have performed at a wide range of venues across the St. Louis area including The Red Sea, The Delmar Lounge, The Waxx Factory, Club Chinchilla, The Palace, Off-Broadway, The Stagger End, The Natural Fact Deli, The Way Out Club, The Lucas School House, Webster University’s First Fridays, Katrina Relief Benefit and as the opening talent for Lupe Fiasco. They’ve also had the pleasure of opening for the Roots, playing Rockin 4 Barack, and first round winners of the SoCO Tasty Band Competition.

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